About PeaceofCode

techboyPeaceofCode delivers peace of mind for all your website and mobile application development and support needs.

PeaceofCode was created specifically for anyone who needs help with building a website or mobile app, or already has a website or app and needs help tweaking, fixing, or enhancing it.

Our patent-pending work-flow process makes it easy to get reliable, on-demand development service at a fixed-price for critical development tasks including complete website and mobile application development, debugging and quality testing, server support, even just ongoing enhancements and maintenance.

In fact, we started this company from our 10+ years of experience running our own Custom Software Development Services Firm and Start-ups, and have learned firsthand the risks associated with outsourcing development on a per-contract basis, the costs of training and ongoing responsibility of permanent hires, and the associated pitfalls of crowdsourcing.  PeaceofCode is designed to handle fluctuating development and support needs for anyone who has experienced difficulty with traditional outsourcing and sub-contracting and is tired of the headaches associated with other online freelance job-boards. 

On the service fulfillment side, we've distilled the process of receiving client development requests and managing them from start to finish - we developed our proprietary work-flow management system to streamline this process so you don't have to waste time comparing quotes,  worrying about choosing the right provider, or having to pay someone else to get the job done right.


PeaceofCode.com is a Gorostudios, Inc. company. 

Who is Goro? Actually he is a dog. Goro is spelled Gourou and means "dog meat" in Chinese. Matt Hammond and Matt Lawson were living in Shanghai in 2005 working on building a web development company and decided to buy a dog. One day they were in a fresh food market and someone was holding Goro in a basket and was planning to sell him as food! So Hammond and Lawson quickly purchased him and the rest is history!

Goro even has his own popular Facebook and YouTube account! Goro is the coolest dog :-)



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