Refund and Cancellation Policy


Our website development and mobile application development services come with a three (3) day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our services during the first three (3) days after completing a "ticket" with, you will be given a refund of your payment amount minus any hourly fees for work completed.

Requests for such refunds must be made either by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone within three (3) days completing a ticket for our services.

Refunds for live phone call support and consulting services are not offered.


Website development and mobile application services are billed as follows: We receive a set of instructions from customers for work to be completed in the form of a "ticket". PeaceofCode will respond to these work instructions with a "Bid Price" for each ticket. When the customer accepts the bid price they agree to the Terms of Service and a hold in the amount of the work is deducted from their designated payment method. Once the work is complete it is submitted to the client for review and confirmation of completeness. Once the customer marks the ticket as "Complete", payment is deducted from their account according to their requested payment method.

Tickets that are awaiting customer review for more than ten days (10) with no action or response from the customer WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY COMPLETED AND THE TOTAL COST OF THE BID PRICE FOR THE TICKET WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM THE CUSTOMER'S ACCOUNT.

Invoices for the amount paid for all development work are delivered by email upon confirmation of ticket "Bid Price" and completion of ticket.

Additional services, including consulting and phone calls, are billed upon scheduling for the service. Invoices for additional services are issued via email approximately five minutes (5) after the service has been requested by the customer.


Cancellations of service for tickets must be issued before the Bid Price is accepted and can be done by clicking "Cancel Ticket" on any ticket details page. Tickets that have been approvded for the "Bid Price" but are still incomplete may be cancelled by the customer BUT NO REFUND SHALL BE PROVIDED AND TICKET BID PRICE SHALL BE PAID IMMEDIATELY TO PEACEOFCODE.COM.

Cancellations of service for phone call are permitted up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled phone call BUT NO REFUND SHALL BE PROVIDED AND COST OF THE PHONE CALL SHALL BE PAID IMMEDIATELY TO PEACEOFCODE.COM. Customers who issue cancellations of service for phone calls after the 24 hours deadline are subject to account restriction and will be reviewed for possible violations of our Terms of Service. Phone calls that are missed by PeaceofCode representatives shall be refunded in the full amount of the cost of the rescheduled call.

Refunds will be issued for any unused portion of pre-paid services minus a $10 cancellation of service fee.

All refunds will be made by check or the exact same credit card used in the original transaction and will be issued within seven (14) business days of the request for cancellation of service.

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